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845, Web-based PACS, RIS, and Voice Recognition | OnePacs

The future of PACS

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OnePacs Viewers

Flexible choice of viewers to meet each physician’s preference



Teleradiology Solution

designed to meet the specific needs of teleradiology practices.


Compelling PACS solution for



The Standard

OnePacs provides web-based, cloud PACS, RIS and Structured Reporting solutions for Teleradiology practices, Radiology Groups, Imaging Centers, Hospitals, Healthcare Networks, and Emergency Rooms.



One login, one consolidated study list, one comprehensive view of patient exams and reports

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Voice Recognition

Fully integrated Voice Recognition with Structured Reporting and automated report distribution

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Flexible Viewer Options

Flexible options of viewers to meet every physician’s practice requirement

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CaseLink® makes it easy to share cases and reports with other individuals in secure formats

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OnePacs Supports COVID-19 Specialty Hospital

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, OnePacs is providing its PACS/RIS-reporting platform, with AI-augmented reporting and voice recognition, to the California State Department of Health's COVID-19 specialty hospital (Los Angeles Surge Hospital, or LASH), which...

OnePacs Presents AI research results at ECR’19

Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2019 At the European Congress of Radiology annual conference, OnePacs presented our latest discovery in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) radiology diagnosis. We demoed a scalable and flexible training pipeline which has created an AI capable...

New Product Launches at RSNA 2018

November 25-30, 2018 OnePacs will launch several new products at RSNA 2018:- A new cloud-based, speaker-independent version of OnePacs Voice Recognition- A new fully web-based interactive Report Generator- A newly FDA-cleared viewer for macOS, drawing upon the...

OnePacs Receives FDA 510(k) Certifications

OnePacs received FDA 510(k) certification for several products in October 2018, including:- OnePacs Workstation for macOS, with advanced visualization functions such as 3D volume, surface, and endoscopic rendering, a 4D viewer, and more- Mammography viewing and image...


Dr. David Cohen
Founder and CEO of Teleradiology Specialists
Dr. Lawrence Bub, M.D.
Principal, Direct Radiology
Dr. Alexander Adduci, M.D., Ph.D.
Quality Nighthawk Teleradiology Group

Dr. David Cohen, Founder and CEO of Teleradiology Specialists

Not only does OnePacs provide the most innovative and reliable PACS in the industry, they have also helped to grow our business every step of the way. With their technical experts and business leaders always available and supportive, I am confident that we will continue to expand and outpace our competitors.

Dr. Lawrence Bub, M.D. Principal, Direct Radiology

OnePacs is an extremely reliable, intuitive, fast RIS/PACS system that is very easy to implement. We had a short time interval to transition from our existing RIS/PACS to OnePacs. The transition went very smoothly and we were able to get over a hundred different sites transitioned from our legacy system to OnePacs and trained in a few weeks. The system is fast and robust, and we have had no significant downtime. OnePacs has been a great partner, and has enabled us to take excellent care of our patients and our hospital and imaging center clients.

Dr. Alexander Adduci, M.D., Ph.D. Quality Nighthawk Teleradiology Group

I have had experience with many imaging platforms and find the OnePacs application to be the most streamlined and efficient teleradiology solution I have used to date. The layout is clean and uncluttered. Controls are intuitive and clearly were designed with the input of working radiologists. Important, commonly used functions are accessible in one or two clicks rather than buried inside multi-level drop-down menus. Overall, OnePacs is a superior teleradiology solution that smoothly facilitates image transfer and interpretation in my day-to-day work.

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