OnePacs Services COVID-19 Specialty Hospital


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, OnePacs is providing its PACS/RIS-reporting platform, with AI-augmented reporting and voice recognition, to the California State Department of Health’s COVID-19 specialty hospital (Los Angeles Surge Hospital, or LASH), which opened on April 13, 2020. The LA Surge Hospital is a temporary facility that offers up to 266 beds dedicated to the care of COVID-19 patients during the current crisis.

Working together with Dignity Health and Kaiser Permanente, with all hands on deck, the OnePacs team successfully installed the OnePacs PACS/RIS at the hospital, integrated the platform with local EMR, and provided a modality worklist.

By enabling remote access to and management of images and teleradiology, and with its guaranteed uptime of 99.9+%, the OnePacs system will help facilitate the use of teleradiology and other telemedicine services at the hospital, and thereby facilitate infection control measures. By streamlining the process of image distribution, analysis, and reporting, OnePacs contributes to efficient patient care and improved outcomes.

OnePacs thanks its team for demonstrating unparalleled technical strength and enthusiasm in this time of community need, coming together in a “can-do” spirit of good-will to support patients, doctors, and the State of California during this time of need. OnePacs is also thankful to Kaiser Permanente and Dignity Health for their close coordination, collaboration, and support in this project.