Installation support,
Training, &
On-call technical support

General Support

  • OnePacs offers comprehensive packages of installation support, training, and on-call technical support.
  • The OnePacs on-call technical support team is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Technical support requests are escalated and triaged to the technical specialists to ensure that your support needs are addressed timely and effectively.
  • OnePacs provides customer engineering and industry standard HL7 interfaces, including but not limited to ORU In/out, ORM in/out bound intefaces.
  • OnePacs provides facility specific modality worklists when OnePacs is used as the central PACS
  • OnePacs’s online step-wise DYI tools are easily available and intuitive to use.
    OnePacs’s online users forum provides an active discussion and interactive dialogue platform between customers and the OnePacs team.
  • OnePacs provides timely updates about OnePacs’s fast-pace innovation.
  • For paid customers, please login and submit support inquiries at: Support fees apply according to the service contract.