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Worklist, Peer Review | OnePacs


PACS/RIS-reporting Solution for Teleradiology Enterprise

Key Features

  • OnePacs’s unique teleradiology solution is designed to meet the specific needs of teleradiology practices. OnePacs offers robust and high-speed data transmission and distribution, enabling radiologists to access and interpret studies in real time–anytime and anywhere. (For more information, please consult our Testimonials page.)
  • OnePacs Viewers
    • Eight choices of viewers to meet the individual radiologist preferences (For more information, please see our Viewers page.)
    • PC and Mac compatible
    • Apps on mobile devices
  • ONEworklist™ & workflow coordination
  • Fine rule-based Study list auto-assignment
  • Sophisticated peer review
  • Integrated quality assurance module
  • Advanced, reliable, redundant HIPPA-compliant IT infrastructure
  • Easy to use CaseLink™ for second opinion