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a2, uc, vb, 43q, w1m, wmu, yma, v, x, q, Worklist | Unified Worklist for Multiple Locations | OnePacs



OnePacs streamlines medical imaging data management by integrating image transmission, viewing, reporting and report distribution with OneWorklist®.

OneWorklist® offers one login, one user interface and one comprehensive view of patient exams and reports. It is a real-time, rules-based study triage system, enabling multiple users to work on one global streamlined platform. Reports generated on OnePacs are automatically distributed to multiple sites according to rules defined on OneWorklist®. Facsimiles and scanned documents are organized and linked to studies for processing and distribution.

Radiology workflow collaboration becomes easy with convenient communication features on OnePacs, such as Instant Messaging, study notes and CaseLink®.


Unified Worklist for Multiple Locations