“Not only does OnePacs provide the most innovative and reliable PACS in the industry, they have also helped to grow our business every step of the way. With their technical experts and business leaders always available and supportive, I am confident that we will continue to expand and outpace our competitors.”

David Cohen, M.D.
Founder and CEO of Teleradiology Specialists


“OnePacs is an extremely reliable, intuitive, fast RIS/PACS system that is very easy to implement. We had a short time interval to transition from our existing RIS/PACS to OnePacs. The transition went very smoothly and we were able to get over a hundred different sites transitioned from our legacy system to OnePacs and trained in a few weeks. The system is fast and robust, and we have had no significant downtime. OnePacs has been a great partner, and has enabled us to take excellent care of our patients and our hospital and imaging center clients.”

 Lawrence Bub, MD
Principal, Direct Radiology


“We’ve used numerous other applications for storage, and transmission of study imaging and having a web-based solution removes the burden on us to have to maintain hardware and software. OnePacs provides us a secure, reliable and easy to use teleradiology solution.”

Dean Menegaz
Clinical Systems Administrator
UCSF Stroke Sciences Group


“A great PACS system with outstanding support. OnePacs has successfully met the IT needs of our imaging facility.”

Sheena Shimma, Owner,
Northwest Prenatal Ultrasound


“The OnePacs product is an advanced, reliable, flexible system which has improved the level of our imaging services. The easy of use, advanced features and flexibility, clearly differentiates OnePacs from other PACS vendors.”

Peter Gokey
Brooks Memorial Hospital, NY


“OnePacs was the perfect solution for my small imaging facility, allowing for easy study storage, transmission, and archiving, and made it very easy to send the studies for radiologist interpretation. I would recommend it highly to any imaging facility looking for a comprehensive IT/PACS solution.”

Darlene Ginnett
Pacific Coast Ultrasound


“The web-based report distribution system and web-based viewers make it very easy for referring physicians to check results and review imaging studies for their patients. Definitely a big plus when sending patients for imaging.”

 James Nitahara, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Los Angeles, CA


“The unique work flow management tools make OnePacs a truly outstanding PACS. Ease of use, reliability and remarkable pricing make OnePacs an obvious choice for hospitals and imaging centers.”

 Andrew Lee, M.D.
Chino Hills, CA


“I have had experience with many imaging platforms and find the OnePacs application to be the most streamlined and efficient teleradiology solution I have used to date. The layout is clean and uncluttered. Controls are intuitive and clearly were designed with the input of working radiologists. Important, commonly used functions are accessible in one or two clicks rather than buried inside multi-level drop-down menus. Overall, OnePacs is a superior teleradiology solution that smoothly facilitates image transfer and interpretation in my day-to-day work.”

 Alexander Adduci, M.D., Ph.D.
Quality Nighthawk Teleradiology