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eu, la, v, l01, dvm, 7oa, PACS | Robust, Reliable, Intuitive, Easy Integration | OnePacs

OnePacs PACS and Cloud Storage

OnePacs is a web based cloud PACS platform for medical imaging data management solution. It is developed to address the need for a robust, reliable and efficient platform for transmitting and integrating diagnostic imaging data from multiple healthcare facilities. The imaging data can be sorted, routed, and made readily accessible to a distributed network of PACS & Teleradiology environments.

OnePacs provides secure and convenient cloud storage and disaster recovery services. OnePacs storage serves as a bridge between non-communicating and fragmented PACS, RIS and EMR systems.

 Key Features:

  • Robust and user friendly worklist features
  • Advanced report generation and distribution
  • Clinical workflow collaboration and communication features
  • Superior imaging processing
  • Robust RIS/HL7 integration
  • Powerful data analysis
  • Smart billing management
  • Permanent study and report archiving